ARROWHEAD Water Delivery Customer Service Phone Number

Order ARROWHEAD water delivered to your home or office by calling the toll free customer service phone number of 800-759-2311. To check delivery options and availability in your area use this link or the graphic banner below.

288086_Get Arrowhead Water Delivered To Your Door Today!

ARROWHEAD water delivery is from a brand you can trust. Simply use the handy graphic banner above to check delivery options in your area. You can sign up for new service online quick and easy with just a few mouse clicks. Right now one can enjoy a risk free 60 day trial for home delivery with free use of a dispenser and 2 free cases of water when they sign up. Instantly have hot or cold water available to you.

This introductory offer for new service customers only, O.A.C. and can’t be combined with other offers or specials. These Pure Savings Plans are for residential customers only, and require monthly purchases of at least 5-gallon bottles (with use of a dispenser) and/or cases of water as selected in the particular plan by the customer. If dispenser shown is not available, substitute of equal value may be provided in lieu of the other being out of stock or discontinued. Customer may substitute stainless steel dispenser for black or white dispenser for a $2.00 monthly additional charge. Dispenser must be returned on Plan termination by the customer. Customer must pay CRV and applicable bottle deposits on free cases where applicable in particular service areas. Other water delivery plans may be available as well for the customer. Early termination, account and/or bottle deposits, activation fees, certain monthly surcharges and restrictions may and do apply. Plans and pricing subject to change at any time and without notice. Service available in most areas. Offer expires currently on 12/31/2011. Not that this offer is dated and complete terms and conditions are available via the link at the top of this article. One can also call the toll free number mentioned at the top of this page with any sales related questions that they have with customer service for new ARROWHEAD bottled water delivery service.

FreedomVoice Free Trial Offer – Customer Service

The toll free customer service number for FreedomVoice is 800-830-3415. To start your free trial with FreedomVoice simply click here or the special offer button below.

Choose an 800 Number Free Trial
Free Trial with FreedomVoice Offer

Choosing a 800 number with FreedomVoice has never been easier. Simply click the link to the special offer above and select from the list of numbers you would like to have that appear on the page. You get a free trial to check it out and make sure that this is the service that you want at no cost to you so there is really no reason not to do this if you are truly serious about getting a toll free telephone number of your own. There is no contract as the service is month to month service and your new 800 number will be activated instantly. Plus you get all the features included like call forwarding, voicemail boxes, and much more. It all comes with a handy internet accessible control panel that you can use to control the various features of your new 800 number. If you wish, also vanity toll free numbers and local phone numbers are available as well. With the service starting at just $9.95 a month, a free 15 day trial to scope the fantastic service out, there is no reason not to consider FreedomVoice as the optimum choice in being your new 1-800 number service provider.

One will find the customer service of FreedomVoice absolutely superb. They are more than happy to help you with making a decision on what plan best fits the needs of your business as they are the definitive professionals in knowledge and expertise when dealing with toll free services. You will certainly find yourself dealing with the can-do people who are icons of the industry.

All one has to do is use the special internet only only free trial offer button at the top of this article to get started. They will find themselves set up with a new 800 number toll free service in just minutes with no hardware to install or no advanced technical knowledge needed. The process is truly fast and easy. Get your service started with FreedomVoice today!

Brodart Customer Service Phone Number – Coupon Code for Discount

The toll free customer service phone number for Brodart is 888-820-4377. Do note that the coupon code of SUPP20 is valid at the checkout online only and expires on 12/31/11/ You can access their site and use the discount code by clicking here.

390139_Brodart 20% Off Supplies Ends 12/31/2011
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Now is a great time to make tremendous savings on library supplies with Brodart. Simply use the link above to access their site and input your coupon code. Brodart offers a huge selection of supplies, equipment, and furnishings for libraries and is the go to place for money saving special offers. Right now in the clearance section of the website you can save up to 60% on select merchandise. What a great way to improve your library while stretching your budget at the same time. Also don’t forget to check out the current Copernicus Sale that is going on at Brodart. You will find there a nice teacher’s value book cart on sale for just $126.65. There is also a complete classroom library going from $230 to $250 and that is a savings of 26% to 30%. A personal favorite of many is the current offering from Brodart of a hanging bag stand for just $93.75 or the Copernicus countertop standard guided reading center for just $33.95.

Whatever your library supply needs are you are sure to find them with Brodart. In as much as the Customer Service is top notch and highly dedicated to your needs. Remember don’t forget to use the coupon code and link at the top of this page to take advantage of additional savings.

Guoman Hotels – Freephone Customer Service – Reservations Telephone

Guoman Hotels
Reservations Phone Number

250x250 Guoman Spring Sale
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Phone Guoman Hotels Customer Care/Reservations
0871 376 9099 (UK Freephone) or +44 845 305 8379 (Intl)

Preferred Booking/Reservations/Contact
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Guoman Hotels Ltd. is a United Kingdom firm operating in the hotel and
hospitality industry.
Currently Guoman Hotels Ltd. has over 37 hotels (2011) within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its headquarters is located in Longford, West Drayton, near London, sharing the same compound as the Thistle London Heathrow, a 264 room hotel complex.

Guoman Hotels Ltd. is the parent company of both the Thistle brand and the Guoman company body of luxury top notch hotels. The Thistle brand operates throughout the United Kingdom, while Guoman has four hotels under its particular and exclusive collective mark.

The company is currently extending it’s business across the planet to assure even more discerning hotel stayers are able to make the reservations of their desire.

Telephone Guoman Hotels

0871 376 9099 (UK) or +44 845 305 8379 (Intl)

Preferred Booking/Contact
Method is Online – Click Here

Please note that freephone number for Guoman Hotels is valid in the UK only and one’s carrier may indeed require a fee or other charges.

Yves Rocher Toll Free Telephone Number – Sales Customer Service

Yves Rocher Sales Customer Service Toll Free Phone Number

Yves Rocher Creator of Botanical Beauty
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Yves Rocher Customer Service Phone
Phone Customer Service @


Preferred Yves Rocher Purchase/Contact
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  • Phone 888-909-0771
Hours to Call:
Mon to Fri: 8 am to 11:30 pm (EST)
Sat: 8 am to 8 pm (EST)

  Yves Rocher was a maverick in his lifetime. Having devoted his time to cosmetic excellence for the masses. Knowing that beauty is only skin deep but certain accents are certain to bring such out. Enter his fine collection of premium cosmetic products for the discerning consumer. All one has to do is read the rave reviews across the internet to know that Yves Rocher cosmetic and beauty products are simply second to none.

Yves Rocher was born in the village of La Gacilly, France where he grew up and became of age. After the death of his dear father when he was  just 14, he helped his now widowed mother in running the small family textiles and fabric business. A local traditional healer taught him the recipe for a hemostatic ointment based on the lessor celandine flower, a plant used for such purposes since before Roman times, and he decided to sell the ointment by mail order with adverts in the magazine Ici Paris.
He constantly expanded his business until it grew into the company that we know today.

We have made this entry to help folks with finding that toll free customer service phone number for Yves Rocher. One can also consider using the link above for online shopping in order to save money on their order.

Yves Rocher Customer Service Phone
Phone Customer Service @

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Ipswitch Software – Customer Service Telephone Number

Ipswitch Software Customer Service Telephone Number

USA: NEW! WS_FTP Professional 12 no support
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Phone Ipswitch Software Customer Service
See Complete North America, Europe, Asia Phone List Below

Preferred Purchase/Contact
Method is Online – Click Here

FTP software is a fast and simple way to exchange information over the Internet. But with so much data constantly on the move, managing and securing sensitive information can be a challenge. Ipswitch boasts the fastest transfer speeds and highest level of reliability and security of any file transfer client on the market.

Calling in your order using one of the telephone numbers provided below to Ipswitch Software has never been easier and more convenient.

Below is a list of all the sales customer service phone numbers for the entire world.

Sales, North America Region (Canada, Mexico, Latin America, USA)
WS_FTP Professional

Tel. 1-800-793-4825


Tel. 1-734-542-7103

WS_FTP Server

Tel. 1-781-676-5875

MOVEit DMZ & Central

Tel. 1-608-824-3600

Sales, Europe Region
WS_FTP Professional

Tel. +44 7753 813 814

WS_FTP Server

Tel. +44 7753 813 814

MOVEit DMZ & Central

Tel. +44 7753 813 814


Tel. 1-734-542-7123

Sales, Regions Outside Europe and North America
WS_FTP Professional

Tel. +33 642050286

WS_FTP Professional

Tel. +33 642050286


Tel. 1-734-542-7123

MOVEit DMZ & Central

Tel. +33 642050286

Phone Ipswitch Software
Customer Service

See Complete North America, Europe, Asia Phone List Above

Preferred Purchase/Contact Method is Online – Click Here

Chocolate Tasting Club – Freephone Customer Service

Chocolate Tasting Club Freephone Number

Imagine ordering delicious chocolates to be delivered as a sort of self imposed random surprise. The delightful and delicious nature of chocolate beckons unto you to use the link above and order your first delicious sampling. The ordering process is fast and easy in as much as the rewards for doing so is priceless. It is the little things in life that bring on happiness. Chocolates are certainly one of them.

1. TRY

Try out the Tasting Club with the Introductory Selection – delivered to you in letterbox friendly packaging for
only £9.95. You’re under no obligation or commitment to buy anything else whatsoever.


Taste the Delicious Introductory Selection then decide whether you would like to continue with further Tasting Selection varieties
– it’s completely up to you to decide.


If you do decide to continue then there are all-new, exciting & completely different Tasting Selections freshly made every single month for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. You can have Tasting Selections every month, every 2 months or every 3 months – it’s always your choice.

Freephone The Chocolate Tasting Club @ 0800 612 4040 (UK Only)

Campus Book Rentals – Toll Free Phone Number – 855-200-0021

Campus Book Rentals
  Customer Service Telephone Number

Rent Now and Start Saving
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Phone Campus Book Rentals Customer Service
Telephone Customer Service @ 855-200-0021

Preferred Textbook Rental/Contact
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Campus Book Rentals rents textbooks to students enrolled in higher learning across the country saving them a tidy sum of money every single semester.
Now offering textbooks for rent for far less than what it costs to buy new books or even used books in many locations. Now you have a serious and tactful way to save money on your college textbook expenses! Search for the college textbooks you need and save big money today!

“Our site is very clean, navigable, and user friendly. Our customer
service is second to none. Our exciting service has generated buzz
nationwide as you’ll see by visiting our “See Us in the News”.” – Campus
Book Rentals

Campus Book Rentals
Customer Service

Phone Customer Service @ 855-200-0021

Preferred Textbook Rental/Contact

Method is Online –Click Here

There has never been an easier or better time to consider ordering your rental books from Campus Book Rentals. It is good to know that this is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars on your college textbook costs and one can save even more because the shipping and return shipping is also free. Use the banner or link above to order your textbook rentals today from Campus Book Rentals.

FTD Flowers – 877-337-0144 – Customer Service

FTD Toll Free Phone Number

Simply tap the image above to be connected with the toll free phone number of 877-337-0144 for FTD. Otherwise you can simply manually dial the number.

No matter what time of the day or night, FTD Customer Service is there for you, 24/7 with the flower arraignments you require for whatever the reason. With their huge network of florists that stretches across the globe, they are the go to source for flower delivery. In fact, FTD are the guys who invented the very concept over 100 years ago. The cheerful and friendly customer service agents of FTD will be more than happy to suggest what flower arraignments will suit your budget and your needs. There are lots of different gift ideas for both flowers and gifts and those customer service agents of FTD are there to help via the toll free telephone number of 877-337-0144 at any time of the day or night, 24/7. So pick up your telephone and call today. No matter where your intended flower recipient lives, there is likely an FTD Floral Agent who is nearby their location as the FTD Network is so vast itself. Give FTD a call today at the toll free phone number of 877-337-0144. You will be glad that you did.

Advance Auto Parts – 888-491-6726 – Toll Free Phone Number

A toll free phone number for Advance Auto Parts is 888-491-6726.

Advance Auto Parts Toll Free Number

Advance Auto Parts Toll Free Phone Number

Call Advance Auto Parts @


Important! Use code CC20
when using the toll free telephone number above to receive your 20%

* Free shipping on all orders $75 or more

* Free in-store pickup for online orders – ready within an hour

* Free In-Store services – Wiper Installation, Battery
Testing/Installation, and more…

* Aggressive discounts – typically 20% – 40% off, with few
restrictions. It has never been easier to pick up the phone and call Advance Auto Parts for whatever your parts needs are. Friendly sales agents are standing by 24/7 to help you place your parts order and to save you save. With online and in-store pick up delivery options, their support system is one to be reckoned with.