DISH Network Phone Number for New Service – 866-775-7174

DISH Phone Number

For New Service with DISH, phone 866-775-7174.
Existing DISH Customers call 800-333-3474.

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It has never been easier to pick up your telephone and dial a toll free phone number for new service with DISH. One of the key points of satellite TV is availability. DISH Network is one of the very few TV providers that is there for you in all 50 states. Usually, just about anyone with a clear view of the southern sky in their area of needed service should be able to get DISH Network service for their home or office. Although this can be problematic in some places, satellite TV can be a particularly good option for those that live in rural communities and don’t have access to cable networks or other means of receiving satellite television service.

Still, regardless of where your abode is located or where your business is, DISH is there to help you get your service set up with all the latest and greatest specials. Furthermore, no coupons or special savings codes are needed. Your DISH Network agent will be happy to inform you of all the latest and greatest offers available to you with DISH Network. Just pick up your phone and call the toll free phone number located at the top of this page to get started with having new service for DISH set up in your home or office.

Looking for a Dish Network provider in your local area? The best way to set up new service with DISH is to call them directly at the toll free phone number of 866-775-7174. Still, for your convenience, we have included an interactive map below you can use to find a DISH retailer in your local area. Be reminded however that the best place to make certain you get the latest and greatest deal is to call the National DISH New Service Sales Center at the toll free phone number of 866-775-7174.