The Art Institutes – Ai – Admissions & Information Line: 877-389-4330

A toll free phone number for The Art Institutes Admissions & Information Section is 877-389-4330.

Call Now: 877-389-4330

Looking to further your education with either a number of excellent degree programs or looking to expand your horizons with accredited online classwork? The Art Institutes might be the ideal solution for you. Feel free to call their Admissions and Information toll free telephone line at 877-389-4330.

There are 50 Art Institutes across the United States and Canada offering master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, and non-degree-program certificates in the visual, creative, applied, and culinary arts. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, and a division of Education Management Corporation (EDMC), the United States’ second-largest organization owning for-profit colleges.

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